Suck UK

Born from their workshop in London, design duo Sam and Jude established Suck UK in 1999. Back then, the design graduates hand-crafted furniture and industrially-inspired products.

You'll never get a straight answer about where the name came from; whether vacuum former or gasp of surprise… a different name would have saved years of hasty phone explanations! But Suck UK stands out from the crowd, delivering memorable products, innovation, and wit. They make products that they would want to buy themselves, gifts that they would give. 

From the product to the packaging to the witty taglines, Suck UK designs it all. The brand delivers original, memorable products, full of innovation and wit. In their own words, “we like to surprise expectations of everyday function”.

Suck UK is an ethical producer, with an established ethical standards and social responsibility code of conduct, covering environmental and manufacturing standards.

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