"Amelia's eclectic shop stocks a range of practical and playful items for the home, as well as an impressive array of gifts and pet accessories... The new store, a pink and gold haven for people and their four-legged friends, sees dog and cat collars from New York and pet teepees from South Korea sharing space with skeleton candles and luxurious hand knitted throws. "
Women We Love: Style Hound
Your Home & Garden
"Smack Bang is the new kid on the block, but already it's punching! The store stocks homewares with a twist - most of the lifestyle products are aimed at your pooch/kitty. Owner Amelia has an eye for Instagram worth accessories and for dogs and their owners. You'll find chunky knitted throws, rose gold vases and little cardboard fire-trucks for your cat (don't even ask!). Smack Bang is the place I want to go to spoil my parents dog Timmy - and is a true haven for the canine obsessed."
An Independent Christmas: Where To Shop In Wellington
The Residents by Lucy Revill - December 11, 2017
"A self-declared lover of pink and gold, owner and operator Amelia has managed to turn this specialty homeware shop into a colourful haven where even the pink floor is almost too pretty to walk on. "
Smack Bang, Wellington, New Zealand
Neat Places - November 23, 2017
Pink on White
White on Pink
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"A pink floor and some gold pendant lights caught my attention and I was dying to know what was going in as we peered in through their brown paper. A week or so later Smack Bang opened it’s doors. A fresh take on your average pet store, with bits and bobs for those most loved family members as well as us humans."
Yvette Edwards
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"If you don't live in Wellington, or live under a rock within Wellington you may not know what Smack Bang is! This store has recently opened up within Wellington City, Tory Street to be exact and it is shaking up the way you view a pet store. Amelia has made the perfect store which is a mix of amazing, top quality pet products and beautiful homewares that makes you wish you had a Pinterest worthy house. "
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