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Gourmate Nutritional Supplement for Dogs | Shine

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Replenish your dog’s collagen every day with Gourmate’s 100% Hydrolysed Marine Collagen sourced and made in New Zealand.

This all natural booster nourishes skin, coat and nails and contributes to elasticity and healing - perfect for itchy mates, ageing doggos, or those that just want to shine extra bright.

A tasty and easy-to-give meal sprinkle with measuring spoon included.

  • 100% Marine Collagen peptide hydrolysed to encourage optimal absorption (just like the best human ones!)
  • Collagen is essential for maintaining healthy skin and nails and a shiny coat
  • Helps to support gut health, muscle repair, joints and immunity
  • All natural and suitable for long-term use
Ingredients: 100% Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptide 
  • Serving per day: 1 Scoop (700mg) sprinkled over food. Scoop included.
  • Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Avoid moisture and keep lid tight. Please consult your vet for any queries.
  • Proudly made in New Zealand with New Zealand fish
  • Human food grade ingredients and processing for best quality 
  • B Corp Certified for ethical business

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