Little Green Dog | Hypoallergenic Dog Treats with Superfoods

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Doesn’t contain common allergens like beef, dairy, chicken, or any gluten, wheat, grain, fillers, or colours.

  • Healthy fats to promote gut health
  • Antioxidants to protect and enhance general health
  • Our treats contain essential amino acids which help build and maintain muscles, bones, skin and coat, and support the immune system
  • Insects have a lower water and carbon footprint than beef/chicken, use less land and emit lower levels of greenhouse gases and ammonia
  • Our treats have an umami taste, which is a pleasant and appetising taste for dogs
  • Insect protein contains several microminerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and zinc
  • Our treats are carefully crafted in small batches and gently baked to capture and retain their goodness
  • Our insects are fed on veges that would otherwise go to landfill

Ingredients: Hermetia Illucens (Insect protein), carrot, pumpkin, spinach, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, papaya, coconut oil and turmeric

Not a complete food. Not for human consumption.
Manufactured in Malaysia.
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