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Hairy Dog | Grooming Kit

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The Hairy Dog Grooming Kit by Thirsty Dog is a practical and eco-friendly solution for pet owners looking to keep their dog or cat well-groomed. This kit comes with a collection of premium stainless steel wooden grooming tools, all packed neatly in a breathable bag that allows for easy storage and transportation. Whether a new or experienced pet owner, this kit has everything you need to keep your pet looking sleek and stylish.

Each tool has been carefully chosen for it's functionality and durability, ensuring that you can groom your pet with ease and confidence, while also making a conscious choice towards sustainability.

Designed in Wellington, NZ.

Kit contents:

  • 1 x Hairy Brush - For brushing and shine
  • 1 x Hairy Slicker - For removing loose hair
  • 1 x Hairy Rake - For de-shedding undercoat
  • 1x Hairy Comb - For removing tangles and mattes
  • 1 x Hairy Nail Scissors - For trimming nails and claws
  • 1 x Hairy Dog Bag- For storage and transportation
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