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Scoop Dog | Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

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Introducing our Beef Bone Broth Concentrate - a culinary delight for your dog or cat! Crafted from premium grass-fed New Zealand beef bones, this powerhouse concentrate creates over 25 litres of savoury bone broth goodness. Enjoy the ease of elevating your pet's health with every sip—benefiting their gut, coat, and joints. The versatile squeeze bottle allows effortlessly pouring over kibble, rehydrating meals, or freezing onto a LickiMat.

Make your pets meal time extraordinary with our Bone Broth Concentrate — big on benefits! On average Bone Broth in New Zealand is typically around $7 to $10 per 500mls and is normally sold frozen. This ambient concentrate makes over 25L for $34.90 and lasts over 4 months when opened. Exceptional value and quality.

Serving Size Suggestions:

  • Under 5kg: 1/4 tsp broth, 150ml warm water
  • 5-15kg: 1/2 tsp broth, 300ml warm water
  • 15-25kg: 3/4 tsp broth, 450ml warm water
  • Over 25kg: 1 tsp broth, 600ml warm water
  • Ingredients: Beef Leg Bones, Sea Salt (as preservative).
  • Nutritional Analysis: Protein ≥30%, Fat 14-16%
  • Refrigerate after opening

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