6 Climbing Walls Your Cat Will Love

Cats LOVE climbing shit. Trees, bookshelves, precariously close to the TV, kitchen cabinets - literally everything is fair game. It’s a fun way for them to get a bit of exercise (especially for indoor cats), and as kittens it helps them to develop their muscles, balance and flexibility.

Cats instinctively seek out high vantage points to survey their kingdom and keep an eye on what’s going on. If you have other animals or small children around the house, being up high lets them have a bit of time out in a place they know is safe. 

Providing a place for them to scratch their claws will not only benefit them, but also your furniture! Scratching encourages nail health and allows them to get a good back and shoulder stretch while marking their territory. 

So rather than watching in horror as your cat shreds your couch to bits and knocks your TV over, think about installing a climbing wall! We've gathered a few of our faves for inspiration (sans hideous carpet cut-offs). 


1. The ultimate Ikea hack combining their Mosslanda picture ledges, wall brackets to dangle toys, and wooden crates for hiding/sleeping to create a sleek, modern cat climbing wall without sacrificing style  

Ikea Cat Climbing Wall | Smack Bang Blog


2. Handcrafted cat furniture, complete with sisal rope scratching post and holes for multiple escape points or your favourite (cat-friendly) plants or cat grass/catnip from Catastrophicreations. You can also use the holes to place food and water bowls up high (especially if you have dogs in the house)!

Catastrophicreations Cat Wall | Smack Bang Blog


3. Perfect for outdoor fun, this cat wall utilises natural materials for a more rustic feel and allows your cat to scratch to their heart's content. 

Outdoor Cat Climbing Wall | Smack Bang Blog


4. This cat bridge allows kitty to guard the entranceway while allowing for maximum pats while passing underneath. Hang across a sunny window for the ultimate snooze.

Cat Bridge | Smack Bang Blog


5. Modular cat shelves with multiple openings that allow you to set the configuration to suit your home and double as display shelves. The hexagonal shapes work together to create a honeycomb-like structure.

Busy Cat Shelves | Smack Bang Blog


6. Test your cat's agility with these floating sisal rope steps. Perfect for climbing AND scratching. 

Catastropicreations Cat Wall | Smack Bang Blog

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  • How can I buy the cat bridge

  • Love the cat climbing wall made from natural material – how can I buy this??

  • Love the cat climbing wall made from natural material – how can I buy this??


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