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The Nice Grill leash in cream and black with cream hemp and brass hardware features a classic geometric pattern that adds style and flair to our furry friends!

All of our leashes feature lightweight brass hardware with a trigger snap for a quick, safe, and stylish hold. They also offer patterned ribbon on both sides of our durable, quick-dry hemp webbing to add a bit of style to your daily walks. Choose from our standard-length leashes or our expandable city leashes.

See Scout Sleep specialises in high quality, sustainable and pet-friendly products for dogs, cats and their humans, all while keeping an eye towards design. They create products that compliment your home and make living with your furry friend fun and attractive. They do that by combining their love for beautiful interiors and accessories with their love for dogs and cats. They only use high quality and durable materials like hemp webbing and fabric, organic cottons and solid brass. 

Washing a See Scout Sleep leash is no biggy. You can wash your item in the delicate/hand wash cycle, and then lay it out for drying. We highly recommend using a garment bag to protect the hardware during washing in the machine. You can also soak the item in warm water with mild soap or oxygenated cleanser for about 15 minutes. Spot clean any remaining tarnishes or spots using a brush with baking soda and vinegar (a toothbrush is perfect for this job). Do not heat dry.

The hardware is made from solid brass hooks, slides, D- and O- rings and solid brass and brass plated buckles. These components can be cleaned (in fact, we recommend it!) with a brass cleaner found at your local hardware or grocery store. Simply polish these components as per the instructions on the bottle and watch your hardware come back to life. Hemp webbing, or hemp fabric, is non-allergenic, durable and strong, and has anti-bacterial properties. Hemp is a fast growing crop and produces more fibre per yield than any other source, making it super sustainable. It’s easy to clean, dries quickly and is naturally resistant to mould, so rain, mud, or beach days can’t put a damper on any dog’s good time. Both our brass hardware and black hardware are known for their classic looks, superior strength, and resilience against the elements.

  • Standard Leash: 1.3cm width, 140cm length 
  • City Leash: 2.5cm width, 195cm length

Pairs with our Nice Grill Cream & Black Harness.

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