Organic Catnip | Vegan Extra Crispy Pizza with Olives

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Who can resist a slice of our catnip pizza... especially one that is extra crispy and full of catnip! This slice of fun is handmade of vegan materials, filled with drool worthy organic catnip and a delightful crunch material to inspire your cat to perform death defying antics as he chases and crunches and loves on his very own handmade slice of fun!

  • Approx. 12.5 x 8cm
  • Vegan fleece, organic USA catnip and crinkle material

Each slice is fully sewn of super durable fleece and features slices of pepperoni and embroidered olives. Since each is handmade, your slice may be slightly different than the slices in the photos, but rest assured it will be just as adorable and certainly as fun!

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