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Mashbone | Brewery Bites For Dogs

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Brewed to be chewed!

Nutritious bites for dogs using the same spent mash that your favourite Garage Project beers are brewed from, combined with local premium and all natural ingredients. Wellington made!

Innovation is at the core of our DNA, but at the Garage, innovation is not just about beer. We’ve learned some things along the way that have resulted in our first “pet project”. Mashbone! We are dog owners, love our dogs, and we want to treat them. At Mashbone we believe in managing the full product lifecycle, creating sustainable all natural products, without preservatives and fillers. Products that’ll not only taste good and look good but be good for our dogs too. Treats for dog owners with taste. Wear the Mashbone badge and join the club! Mashbone is made using spent brewer’s malt (a byproduct from the Garage Project brewing process). We lightly crush the grain, then mix it with hot water to extract the sugars we use to make the beer. The spent grain, with sugars extracted, is a high fibre, high protein energy source, which has been removed from the brewing process before any alcohol has been produced. Adding in all natural and premium ingredients, we’ve created a healthy clean label treat for dogs.

Mashbone has been developed at the Food Pilot in consultation with food technologists and veterinary specialists from Massey University who conducted nutrition analysis, and palatability tests on a colony of over 100 dogs to create a recipe that not only tastes great to dogs, but has been proven as a dietary supplement for bone and joint health. The premium quality ingredients are sourced from one of New Zealand’s leading bioscience manufacturers that supplies natural products locally and internationally made from clean and safe NZ grass-fed beef. The NZ beef n’ bone powder delivers all elements present in healthy bone tissue to promote bone formation and nutrient retention. It is viscera free and manufactured from 100% New Zealand sourced beef meat and bone from prime, export grade, grass-fed beef.

Feeding Guide: Feed anytime of the day for a treat, reward or training guide. 1-2 per day for larger dogs and treats can be easily broken in half for smaller pooches! 

Ingredients: Garage Project spent mash, flour, free range eggs, NZ grassfed beef n' bone powder. Preservative free.

Protein 34.2%

Fat 5.3% 
GE (kj/g) 35.6%
Crude Fibre 10.4%
Omega-3 (includes DPA & DHA) 0.4
Omega-6 1.92
Arachidonic 0.15

Unit (g) 90

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