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Crazy Wolf Dog Beer | Quacken Berry Cider

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Never drink alone again!

  • 500ml flip top glass bottle for reuse
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Ingredients:
    • Duck: Dogs need protein in their diet to produce energy. Protein is full of amino acids which are needed to build muscle, repair tissue, and keep their skin and coat healthy
    • Blueberries
    • Filtered water
    • Citric acid: Is a natural translucent crystalline acid that comes from the fermentation of carbohydrates or from citrus fruits. It is used as a natural preservative and is a molecular component of vitamin C. Our beers contain a very low dosage per serve
    • Organic apple cider vinegar:  Has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to alleviate pain in dogs’ muscles and joints. Studies have shown it also​ helps prevent diabetic complications in the liver and kidney. The fermentation process develops prebiotic properties that support the good bacteria in the gut. This helps with digestion and keeps the gut nice and healthy.
  • Serving suggestions:
    • Straight up: Directly into a bowl or beer handle
    • Bottomless brunch: Pour over meals
    • Shots: Freeze into ice cubes
  • Feeding guidelines:
    • Small mother puppers 0-20kgs - 1/4 cup twice daily
    • Big mother puppers 20+ kgs - 1/2 cup twice daily

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