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But I Changed All That: 'First' New Zealand Women | Jane Tolerton

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But I Changed All That is a collection of New Zealand women ‘firsts’ – from Kate Sheppard in 1893 to Kristine Bartlett, Katie Milne and Jacinda Ardern in 2018. 

  • 76 pages
  • Soft cover

Dinah Lee was the first New Zealand woman to have a number one hit overseas, in 1964. The boys in the band told her not to get a big head. 'To them the girl singer was just a fill-in. But I changed all that. All of a sudden I was going out on my own tours.' The other women in this book had the same sensation: of hearing a crack in the glass ceiling.

As we commemorate 125 years since New Zealand women became the first in the world to vote in national elections, this book celebrates some of our first women: of politics and public service, business and broadcasting, the arts and academia, sport and cinema. From 1893 to 2018, from Kate Sheppard to Jacinda Ardern. 

Jane Tolerton is the author of award-winning Ettie, best-selling Convent Girls and Make Her Praises Heard Afar.

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