Pet Heating Pad

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Pet pads provide comforting warmth in your pet’s bed. They are typically used for pets that feel the cold, are elderly, newborn, unwell, or recovering from injury.

The heat output from the pet pad is low and similar to an electric blanket on its lowest setting. When plugged in the pet pad won't immediately feel warm and will not feel warm while exposed to the air. This pet pad is not temperature controlled. It is designed to safely produce just enough heat to provide your pet with a comfortable place to sleep.

  • The pet pad is designed to work with a thin material cover
  • When the pad is placed on a blanket or bedding, your pet will feel the warmth generated as it lies on the pad
  • The material underneath the pad can be varied to change the temperature of the pad as defined below:
    • If the pad is too cold, add additional bedding/blanket(s) underneath the pad
    • If the pad is too hot, remove bedding/blanket(s) from underneath the pad
    • You can test the warmth of your pad by placing your hand between your pet and the top surface of the pad

    The Argus Heating pet pad is manufactured in New Zealand from high quality components and operates at a very low power output. Pet pads are simple, safe, and economical to use.

    Features and benefits:

    • Heavy duty vinyl exterior is durable and easy to wipe down
    • Low electrical output making the pet pad safe and economical to use
    • Durable heating cable
    • 12-month guarantee against faulty workmanship or defective materials*


    • Double insulated
    • One size: 330 mm x 530 mm
    • Heavy duty vinyl
    • Two metre power cord with moulded two-pin plug
    • 230V, 8W heat output and low power output flexible element
    • Do not allow pet to chew pad or power supply cord
    • Read enclosed instructions before first use

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